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MALA is very beautiful,educated and capable girl.Mala’s father is the owner of a spice company,she handles the spice company with her father.Mala is the only daughter,so the one she marries will be the owner of this company.Three boys working in spice company want to marry Mala.they wants to become the owner of spice company by marrying Mala. There is a boy named MANISH from delhi,manish considers himself very capable. will do anything to get Mala’s attention.DILIP is a Gujrati boy.DILIP fulfills every order of Mala. he also wants me to marry Mala.Manish and dilip both try to be nice person in front of Mala and humiliate each other.beetween
these two there is third boy whose name is JANAK.

JANAK is gay but he also want to marry Mala to become the owner of the company.it is the dream of all three to make a place in Mala’s heart and become the owner of this spice company but their dreams are ruined by the peon of this company DHANIRAM, Dhaniram is the company’s peon and Mala’s care taker.dhaniram is marathi and a smart peon.Dhaniram does the work of cctv camera in the office. Dhaniram has come to know abiut the intentions manish,dilip janak]. He saves Mala from these three,spoils the work of these,so that they prove to be fools in front of Mala. On the day of Mala’s birthday.a handsome and good looking boy comes to the office with a gift in his hand.his name is ASHISH and he is Mala’s boyfriend.

Manish,dilip,janak are heartbroken after seeing Ashish but dhaniram gets angry seeing Ashish.dhaniram saw ashish taking drugs in the hotel.Dhaniram angrily asks Mala about ashish.Mala does not like the behavior of peon dhaniram in front of ashish. Mala angrily drives dhaniram away from office.ashish also leaves with anger.Mala cries and hugs his father .Mala’s father says you shouldn’t have talked to dhaniram like this.you should Have listened to what he had to say.he cares for you more than me because he took care of you after your mother died.Mala says yes I know…. Mala comes out of the office, dhaniram is already gone.Mala starts crying because she also respects Dhaniram.

Name of Film: Kaun Hoga Malamaal?

Length of the episode: 10 to 12 minutes each. 

Production Company: Rudrashil Productions

World Rights Holdern (IPR): Shilen Rathod


Year of Production: March, 2020 .

Budget: 2 Lakh Per Episode.

Genre: Drama

Language: Hindi

 Format of Shooting: Digital Camera Used: Canon

 English Subtitled: Yes / No Sound: Stereo

Co- Production Companies: N.A.


Producer: Shilen Rathod


Writer: Ikrar Khan

Director: Sir Anil Dhanda


Principal Actors:

  • Bhakti Kubavat
  • Vishal Solanki
  • Priyank Gajjar
  • Neel Soni
  • Ajay Patel



Status: (Unreleased)

Distribution Deal: (Rights)


Cost of the film:                  INR 10,00,000/-